Why to chose graphic lizard?

Increase your online sales

Be among the first entries of internet search queries and guarantee to increase your online sales. Get fast and efficient results. Booze your sales

Web design

We provide you with the latest web tecnologies available on the market, to give your company the impacting image you are looking for.

Internet Presence

Develop a rough internet presence using social networks, get quality traffic towards your web site from social networks and blogs.

Website Content Update

Delight your customers with a fresh and up to date content. Add new content to your website, delete the old one or modify it to keep it useful and updated.

Customer Satisfaction

Our journey ends when you are 100% satisfied. Invest without any risk, if you are not happy we return your money back without any question

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Plantas del hogar - Web design project Berlin

Plantas del hogar…

Plantas del hogar is a project of personal character, is part of a series of blogs devoted to home...

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Alquiler proyectores - Web design project Berlin

Alquiler proyecto…

Alquiler proyectores is a project developed for Viamultimedia company in Spain. Viamultimedia has ...

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Pájaros del Hogar - Web design project Berlin

Pájaros del Hogar…

Pájaros del hogar is a project of personal character, is part of a series of blogs dedicated to be...

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Proyecto Orunmila - Web design project Berlin

Proyecto Orunmila…

Orunmila Project is a nongovernmental group dedicated to the research of the religion Osha-Ifá. It...

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Welcome to graphic lizard

In graphic lizard we focus on the development of the image on the Internet for small and medium-sized companies primarily in Berlin, but we do not exclude other locations. Our goal goes beyond designing a website based on the latest technologies in the market and make it visible on the Internet. Our goal is to provide our customers with a tool (web site) and let them get the most out of it.

Do not take us lightly, check our portfolio, learn about our services and see what our customers say about us.

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